There are few things in this world that I abjectly and unequivocally hate, and two of those things involve suitcases: packing and unpacking.


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Ironic, considering the fact that I use the packing metaphor on a weekly basis on the Finding Our Hunger podcast, I know. However, when it comes to real-world suitcases—or duffel bags or boxes—I recoil.

Packing is such a difficult process, because you’re forced to make decisions about the things you anticipate being important in your future, the things you’re willing to carry—while trying to minimize the weight of the load and the amount of space you’re willing to let each item take up.

Packing forces you to confront “the stuff” that makes up your identity—and prioritize each item in your bags. Packing forces you to decide if you really need to hold onto that memento you never look at, if you have room for the ball gown you never wear.

Unpacking is also a difficult proposition, because you’re forced to spend time taking things out of your suitcase and assessing each item: does it need to be washed, can it be worn again, is it a new item for which you must find room on a shelf?

Unpacking forces you to spend time with “the stuff” that makes up your identity, and to clean it, fold it, put it away, repack it, or throw it out.

The problem with packing is that sometimes you’re not ready to confront “the stuff” you’ve got in your bags and make the decision to remove it. Sometimes, it serves you to keep the ball gown in your suitcase for a little while longer—because you’re not quite ready to air it out, confront the memories it represents, and maybe even throw it away.

In today’s episode with personal trainer, coach, and “lover of all things health, fitness, and wellness,” Justin Manning of, we discuss our personal ball gowns, and how we’re planning on unpacking them in the new year. This episode gets really heavy—not only do we shake out some long forgotten moth balls, but there are a few tears.

This has to be one of the best and most raw episodes (and all of our guests have been utterly, utterly fantastic, so that’s saying something), and I hope that it helps you lighten the loads you’re carrying as you journey into this new year.

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What have you kept packed in your suitcase that needs airing? What are you unready to unpack?

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