Here you are on your journey. You’ve been shaken up out of the routine that’s made your life gray and unmanageable. You’re starving for attention and the only way you know to get it is to act out, run away, or harm yourself.

Suddenly, you’re given the chance to see the light (or the technicolor) of a new future—you’re starting down a new path, and all along the way, you’re discovering people who are similarly broken, but your mutual brokenness is helping all of you heal.

You make it all the way to your destination, only to find out that it’s not the solution to all of your problems like you thought. Instead, you’re sent back out along the path to go and figure out how to vanquish your internal demons without direct help from your higher power.

What do you do? Give up? Keep fighting with your higher power?


Okay, dropping the metaphor, I’m obviously talking about the Wizard of Oz, but as we find out in this week’s podcast with Ali Shapiro of Truce with Food, you and I are a lot more like Dorothy that we may have realized.

We’ve all got Wicked Witches chasing after us, trying to take away the things we believe empower us—ED stealing our ability to love our bodies, perfectionism destroying our self confidence, exercise addiction taking away our time for enjoyment, social anxiety destroying our ability to create friendships, and on and on…

But Dorothy never gives up. She keeps on wearing those fashionably questionable ruby slippers and she keeps along her path. Even when her higher power—the Wizard, the man who supposedly has the magic to activate her ruby slippers and get her home—sends her back along the path to fight her own battle, she knows that fighting him won’t do her any good.

I know that the Wicked Witch’s warning to Surrender Dorothy, is meant to be menacing, but I actually think it’s the best advice anyone gives to our heroine throughout the whole movie. There’s nothing wrong with surrender if you do it right.


Surrender isn’t giving up. According to AA, surrender is “a shift, a sudden change. Surrender is a global cessation of resistance: you stop fiercely defending your old ideas. All of a sudden, you don’t know anything any more and you are open to the new.”

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When Dorothy stops fighting—I have to get home on my terms and when I say—she actually finds the way to get home. If she were to stay and argue with the Wizard’s facade, she’d be fighting a losing battle. Her inability to let go of her need to control the story would actually hinder her from figuring out that she had to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and focus on defeating the witch.

If Dorothy were to simply give up and hand over the slippers, she’d lose her ability to get home once she learns how to use their power. She doesn’t give up, but she surrenders to the journey, and she is rewarded by gaining the wisdom of her own inherent powers.

All of that to say: you can use Surrender Dorothy as a mantra in your own life to help you defeat the Wicked ED in your own head, see past the facade of the men and women behind the fitspirational/weight loss/marketing curtain, and develop the wisdom to carry yourself home.

In this week’s podcast with Ali Shapiro, we talk about how the Wizard of Oz can help you battle your body issues—and how a little surrender goes a long way to helping you find a truce with food.

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