My name is DeeDee Queen, and I am Performing Woman

I am a drag queen trapped in a cis-woman’s body. I use burlesque, pole dance, and drag to explore gender performativity, body image ideals, and sexuality. 

I am also a motivational speaker, workshop leader, wellness coach, and dance teacher, and I can help you “heel” your body image. 

I want to "heel" my body image!

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Everything you need to know about me: 

I’m a drag queen trapped in a cis-woman’s body.

A ditcher of diet culture—after recovering from EDNOS/orthorexia, exercise addiction, and anorexia.

A voiceover actor who is no longer afraid to use her voice.

A burlesque and pole performer who found body acceptance and body positivity through dance.

A certified health and wellness coach who teaches (and podcasts about) health at every size and discovery, not recovery.

I want to pass what I’ve learned onto you.

Join me on my journey!



Disordered eating and distorted body image can develop for a number of reasons—they’re not just the result of too many photoshopped magazine ads (although those unrealistic portrayals of the human body rarely help…).

For some, the trouble starts innocently, when we make small, positive changes in our diet, our exercise, and our health. In fact, the very reason why disordered eating and distorted body image are so rarely caught and remedied before they become a serious and unmanageable problem is that they rarely start out as a problem at all:

We perfectionists usually stumble into healthy eating and exercise through a New Year’s resolution, a loved one’s recommendation, a Pinterest board, an allergy, a health scare…and when we realize how amazing we feel after making those small changes—and how our bodies can be changed and manipulated by obsessive attention to food and fitness—we usually want to keep going until we’ve taken it to the extreme.

Because of losing five pounds is good, then becoming a fitness model is better—right?

Eating and exercise become disordered as soon as we make them the basis of our identities—and find ourselves struggling to align those identities with the rest of our lives.

You don’t have to have an eating disorder to approach your food and fitness with a disordered mindset.

Restriction, over-exercise, binge eating, emotional eating, guilt, shame, dieting, obsessive attention to weight and body size…the disorder manifests itself in different ways, but it takes over our lives just the same.

The first step to getting better is, of course, admitting that there is a problem to fix—and that you want to fix it.

Recovery means addressing the reasons why you’re disordered: figuring what hurts from your past or worries about the future that you’re trying to cover up with food and exercise.

Recovery means figuring out how to eat again. It means making different choices about how and when and how often you will exercise. It means coming to terms that you may have to gain weight (or not) or feel your body change as it heals.

Recovery is very much food and body focused: and I believe that those who stay in recovery are the first to relapse. If you never stop looking back at the past and worrying about how it will affect your future, how can you ever learn to love your body as it is right now?

Discovery is what happens when you take the first uncomfortable—but not unsafe—steps away from your identification with food and fitness.

Discovery is what happens when you start figuring out what else makes you feel the most like you.

Discovery is not easy.

And that is why I am a coach: because you shouldn’t have to do this alone.

Coaching provides you with accountability and insights to help you learn how to empower yourself. My goal is to be obsolete—but until then, I’m here to help you learn how to uncover your passions, cope with the disappointments, and ultimately feel empowered to live your best life.

Don’t take my word for it…

I cannot recommend working with Kaila highly enough. She has an incredibly thorough understanding of, and relation to, food, diet, and body images issues. She is knowledgable, well-spoken, and very intelligent; warm, welcoming, and encouraging. Kaila is truly talented at coaching; she always knows exactly what to say, exactly which questions to ask, and exactly how to spur personal realizations and growth. She has helped me process feelings and circumstances and make connections more skillfully than any health professional or therapist I’ve worked with previously (and there have been many). Kaila is so much more than a food/body image coach – these issues are about so much more, and her work evidences that. I am so, so lucky to have met and worked with her on my journey, and will continue to recommend her to anyone I can!

Kate M.

Kaila Prins is a bright, engaging, and inspiring facilitator. We were thrilled with her Stop Losing the Last 10 Pounds workshop—an experience that is at once illuminating, thought provoking, and deeply personal. Kaila sheds light on vital issues, from dieting, to photo shop, to the notorious before and after picture, interweaving glimpses into her own powerful story.  As challenging a conversation as this is, Kaila manages to maintain a sense of fun, and help her participants feel at ease. She creates a safe space to laugh, cry, vent, reflect, and interrogate. We highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to start conversation about body image or provide an opportunity for participants to think deeply and personally about this topic. Run, don’t walk, to meet Kaila and begin a journey toward awareness and self-acceptance.

Abby Zan

Connectivity Associate, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

Kaila executed two amazing workshops for 6th grade middle school students. It was well organized and flowed seamlessly. Students at this age can be challenging, but Kaila redirected their attention flawlessly and maintained the pace of her presentation. Furthermore, she created many opportunities for student interaction and engagement throughout the workshop. The students expressed amazement and shock when shown a time lapsed video which demonstrated the process of the “beautification” and alteration of models, via makeup, hair, and photoshop.

It was immensely appreciated that the students worked in groups on a project and discovered how advertisements display a dominant Eurocentric facade, consisting of individuals who are young, thin, “healthy,” muscular or “straight.” Rarely, did the ads promote people of color, average/thicker bodies, disabled individuals, older/elderly or LGBTQQ. 

Kaila addressed issues surrounding body image, bulimia, anorexia, and brought it full circle by sharing her own personal story and struggle. She has the impeccable ability to address and pull back the layers of preconceived notions and beliefs about being alone, different or not good enough because no one can look like a model portrayed in an ad. – Not even the model, because s/he has been altered and morphed by photoshop. By deconstructing the images that society is bombarded with and calling these images for what they are – a fake computerized facade.  Unattainable and unachievable because it is completely altered by software.

I highly recommend Kaila. She is amazing.

Karla Valenzuela

Community Liaison/Counselor, Connect Community Charter School

It was during Kaila’s “[Stop Losing the Last 10 Pounds]” seminar that I finally understood that I needed to get help. I didn’t realize how bad things had gotten for me, but I’d been dealing with an eating disorder off and on for more than twenty years. I got a therapist and a diagnosis and was determined to finally do something about it.

Kaila was a critical part of my care team. She always asked very thought provoking questions and challenged me to reframe my thinking – but she did so without being pushy (in a way I might have wanted to rebel against). She’s empathetic, encouraging and helpful. Now that I’m on the other side of the eating disorder, I’m amazed at how much free time I have and what it feels like to not be hungry every single minute of the day.

I couldn’t have made such a quick move from disorder to recovery to discovery without Kaila’s help. I’m forever grateful!

Jennifer W.

After just 5 minutes into my first call with Kaila, I felt empowered enough to take action on a To-Do that I’d been avoiding for months. Her coaching was intuitive and laser-focused, and because of our time together I have continued to learn and grow personally and professionally. Thank you Kaila!

Zorahgail Balino

This past year has been an incredible journey for me.  I’ve experienced the highest highs and lowest lows.  I’ve tweaked, fought, hacked, experimented, and tried almost anything I could think of to “fix myself”.  The one thing I did that actually made a difference in bringing me back to being me, was hiring Kaila Prins as my health coach.

I had been Paleo/Primal for over 2 years, and during this time I’d struggled with a restrictive eating disorder, exercise addiction, crushing insomnia, hypothalamic amenorrhea, orthorexia, and the end of my 11 year marriage.  I thought that eating strictly paleo/primal while CrossFitting 5-6 times a week and just pushing through all the stress in my life was optimal for my health.  I “lived” this way for almost a year before my body decided to speak to me loud and clear….no period for 272 days.  What a wake up call. Through my own research, I decided to increase my fat and carbohydrate intake, decrease my CrossFit workouts to three times a week, start a yoga/meditation practice, optimize my sleep, and finally end the marriage that had been so unhealthy to me.  However, I also knew I couldn’t do this alone and decided to hire a holistic health coach.  Enter Kaila.

Within a few months the most amazing thing happened, I was still performing at the gym and loving it even more, my food was more delicious/nourishing, my body started to get womanly curves, I was sleeping through the night, loving myself more, and I GOT MY NATURAL PERIOD BACK!  This was accomplished with the gentle guidance Kaila provided.  She would listen without judgement and suggest small changes or plant a seed of thought in my head.  She intuitively sensed when I wasn’t ready to give up on a destructive behavior entirely, but would lightly take my hand and lead me towards a path of healing.  She shared stories of her own recovery to make me feel that I wasn’t “crazy” and more importantly, not alone.  She celebrated my progress with me, and empathized when I stumbled a bit along the way.  The most important thing that Kaila taught me were the tools to cope with the curve balls life is going to throw at me.  And she taught me to love, love, love myself in a way that I’d never been able to.

Because of her coaching, and presence in my life, I can honestly say I am a happier, healthier, sexier, stronger, and better version of myself.  I have an ease with my identity and body that I never thought possible.  She taught me self-reliance, resiliency, and most importantly, grace.  I will be forever indebted to the gift that Kaila gave to me.  She gave me, “me” back.

Staying forever hungry,

Katie T.

“I had the pleasure of seeing Kaila speak at Miami University. Her presentation was very interactive and full of wonderful in depth information that entertaining as well as being extremely thought provoking. Kaila created a way to not only show us the layers that go into the way we feel about ourselves and our bodies but she also showed us how outside influences, such as the media, advertisers, and culture, shape the negativity we feel about our bodies. She was very personable, approachable, and relatable. I would highly recommend her!

Amy Malott

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