I am a drag queen trapped in a cis-woman’s body, a performing woman who is performing woman.

I am a storyteller of the bawdy/body, 

using burlesque, pole dance, and drag as a lens for examining the 

ways in which we all perform our gender identities. 

I study the ways in which marketing, psychology, and behavioral 

economics influence our gendered performances, 

and I show people that our performances can be joyful — if only you 

learn how to break the fourth wall and enjoy the show

Discover how to tell your own story with me:

Learn about burlesque and Performing Woman, my one-woman burlesque show How Lovely to Be a Woman, and my forthcoming podcast on marketing psychology, behavioral economics, and the body image movement Your Body, Your Brand, below. 

My name is Kaila Prins, and I am a woman. I was born with a vagina, and that is how I identify. Yet I spent the majority of my life not-so-blissfully unaware that my gender identity was not a prison. 

When I did not fit in with the other girls at school—taking no joy in reading teen magazines, wearing makeup, going to parties and sleepovers—I blamed it on a fault in myself. This is how a “woman” performs. 

In an effort to fit in, I tried to look and act more like a “woman.” By the time I reached college, I was taking out loans to buy clothing at popular chains, reading (and following) the advice in every woman’s fashion and fitness magazine that I could get my hands on, and, finally, exercising and (not) eating my way into an eating disorder.

And I was still not happy. I was still not performing woman well enough. 

It took years of recovery and what I call “Discovery” to figure out that I was performing woman without being a performing woman. And that the way to, if not happiness, then at least less inner struggle, was to learn how to apply what RuPaul’s been saying for years: “We’re all born naked and the rest is drag.”