“When a body moves, it’s the most revealing thing. Dance for me for a minute, and I’ll tell you who you are.” — Mikhail Baryshnikov

Burlesque is a powerful medium. It combines subversive storytelling with the power of the liberated body, and it allows you to express yourself in ways that conventional storytelling or dance may not be able to.

You do not need a background in dance to tell your story with burlesque. You do not need to twirl tassels or perform feats of strength or flexibility. All you need is a good idea and a body.

I can help you tell your story, no matter what your experience level.

Whether you’re just looking to learn the bump and grind or get your hands dirty with choreography and storytelling, you can take lessons with me, either in person or using the magic of the internet.

SF, Wednesdays: Intro to Burlesque

Join me for a 5-week intro to burlesque class at San Francisco Pole & Dance.

Let's Dance!

San Jose, Saturdays: Broadway Burlesque

Join me for a 4-week Broadway-themed burlesque choreography class at Ariel Dance where “anything goes!”

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1:1 Burlesque Lessons

You’ve got a great story inside of you: The question is, how will you tell it while taking off your clothes? Whether you’re considering burlesque for the first time, or a seasoned performer looking to up your game, you’ll benefit from a dramaturgy session that will help you find your premise and create a show-stopping number.

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San Jose, Mondays: Burlesque Dance

Join me for a 3-week burlesque skills and choreography class the Billy DeFrank Center in San Jose!

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San Jose: Burlesque Act Creation

Ready to create your first act or make a new act idea come to life? Get on the list for updates about an 8-week intensive in San Jose.

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Class Descriptions

Burlesque 101 - San Jose

This all-levels, all-gender burlesque will introduce you to the fundamentals of burlesque (glove and stocking peels; bumps, grinds, and shimmies, chair work and floor work, costume reveals, and more!). Each month, you’ll put the skills together through choreography — and every series is different! We’ll also cover basic strengthening and stretching to prepare you to excel at the choreography.

We’ll modify or progress to meet your level, and have a darn good time in the process. Bring a robe and low heels (if you want to wear heels), and clothes that you can move in/that make you feel good. See you in class!

Broadway Burlesque - San Jose

We’ve got rhythm, we’ve got music — now all we need are some jazz hands and stocking peels.

This Broadway-themed burlesque class will introduce you to burlesque dance choreography — but set to your favorite showtunes. This class is ideal for all you former and current theatre “kids” who’ve always wanted to strip to your skivvies while swaying your hips to Sondheim. No singing experience necessary — we’ll be learning choreography only.

All levels, sizes, and genders are welcome. We’ll modify or progress to meet your level, and have a darn good time in the process.

Intro to Burlesque - SF
Bump and grind your way to body positivity in this all-levels burlesque class, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of striptease and classic burlesque dance. In this series, you’ll put the pieces together through choreography while learning how to take it all* off. Whether you want to become a performer or just want to feel good in the skin you’re in, this all-levels class will show you how to shake your jiggly bits and show off your assets like a pro. Burlesque fundamentals may include: bumps, grinds, shimmies, shakes, striptease, basic chair work, floor work, and/or prop work, tassel twirling, and more.
*Well, maybe not all…
Burlesque Storytelling - San Jose

This 8-week intensive will introduce you to the fundamentals of storytelling and burlesque act creation. We’ll cover:

  1. Picking a premise
  2. Choosing a character
  3. Producing a plot
  4. Creating Choreography
  5. Ruling the Reveal

This class is limited to six people, and we will end our 8 weeks with three workshop/feedback classes to help you perfect your act before putting it on stage.

Why should you work with me?

I’ve been performing in theatre since I was 8 years old. I started teaching theatre/assistant directing when I was 15, and I led the award-winning drama department at Olympic Heights Community High School when I was only 21 years old. I went to school for dramatic writing and dramaturgy, and I’ve worked extensively with performers, directors, and other creative people on creating stories and characters.

I started pole dancing in November of 2014 and had my first performance in April the following year. In March of 2016, I won a gold medal at the Pacific Pole Championships for the Entertainment class.

I became a burlesque dancer in August of 2015, and I have been performing at least twice a month at various venues every month since then. You can find me dancing regularly at Bombshell Betty’s All Kinds of Sexy Burlesque Benefit Show in San Francisco and Bad Influence Burlesques in San Jose.

Using my background in theatre and performance, I can help you get started, get in touch with your body, build a character, create choreography, and tell your story. As an experienced teacher, I’ll help guide you toward your goals, whether it’s to become a performer yourself OR just have a good time for an afternoon.

I look forward to adding some glitter to your journey!