How Lovely to Be a Woman

Karl Marx once said that religion was the opiate of the people…and Naomi Wolf said that dieting is the most politically potent sedative in women’s history. 

For my entire adult life, dieting was my religion, and my fervor was my downfall. 

In 2010, I dropped out of graduate school because I was an anorexic. It took years to find a sense of self and make, for the first time, a home for myself in my body. 

Though I never finished my course work, I finally wrote a dissertation — but instead of using words, I used my body. 

My work? A feminist, one-woman burlesque show entitled How Lovely to be a Woman

In 2017, I spent three months flying back and forth across the country to workshop the show at 54 Below in New York City. The result was a 30 minute workshop. 

I produced the full show in May 2017 in Redwood City. It cost about $1000 to produce, including paying for the accompanist, a dresser, a stage kitten, and a tech crew. My goal is to bring this show to other cities, so I’m releasing this footage from the workshop as a way to start raising funds. 

However much you value this show, this art, this story is how much you pay (the paypal link only allows me one price, which I’ve set at $5 — if you want to donate more, and I encourage you to do so — please send the remaining amount through my GoFundMe.) And you’ll get the chance to see 30 minutes of the show, no matter where in the country you live. 

I want to add to my donation! 

Thank you for your support! I hope to bring this show to your city one day soon!