Feminist Marketing for Body-Focused Coaches

Are you a coach, therapist, registered dietitian, nutritionist, nurse, or other body-focused professional?


Do you make (or want to make) your living marketing to women clients?


And do you, above all else, want to do no harm?

I am a feminist marketing consultant who specializes in marketing psychology, recovery, and healthism.


I help coaches, therapists, registered dietitians, nutritionists, nurses, and others in the helping professions to understand how their weight biases influence their marketing, stop using the body as bait, and opt out, once and for all, from our unconscious cultural pyramid scheme of weight oppression.

You’re here because you believe in better. You believe in truly helping your clients make progress toward better emotional health. And you believe that marketing should not be manipulative, damaging, or triggering.


You know your voice matters. You know that how you use your voice will impact your clients, readers, listeners, followers — and even family and friends. And you want to make sure that your voice gets heard.

The trouble is: You don’t know how. You don’t want to sell weight loss, but you know that weight loss sells. You feel like your brand has to be inauthentic in order to appear authentic to the people who might buy coaching from you: You have to appear “perfect” or “perfectly flawed” on social media at all times in order to show up for your “tribe.” You can’t make a dollar by being an activist, but you can grow your list if you affiliate for someone that makes you a little bit queasy. And you’re still using the same “stop feeling crazy around food” messaging that every other coach and practitioner uses online. You’re ready for something different.


I have been there — and now I help coaches see around the corners and into their own biases. I show you how to avoid appropriating the political language of the body positivity and fat liberation movements while also navigating the tricky task of addressing disordered eating without minimizing the importance of eating disorders. And I show you how to do this while building a thriving practice — that helps your clients thrive too.

6 years ago, I made the decision to recover from anorexia/orthorexia and exercise addiction. I sought a health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and, while I’ve ultimately dropped the “health” part of health coaching, I’ve found the coaching skills themselves have remained valuable. I’ve since taken classes in the Transformational Coaching Method through HolisticMBA and have worked as a post-recovery coach since 2014.


In addition, I have over 5 years of direct experience in online and digital marketing, both as a solo entrepreneur and as part of digital marketing teams for startups in Silicon Valley. I have also studied feminist marketing and the female lifestyle empowerment brand as a part of Kelly Diels’ mastermind.


My writing has been featured in Everyday Feminism, Psychology Today, xoJane, and other publications, and my story and expertise has been shared everywhere from The Washington Post, The Guardian, Orthorexia.com, MSN.com, Broadly.com, Qz.com, EverydayHealth.com, The Truth about Exercise Addiction by Katherine Schreiber, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, and more.